Tuesday, 20 March 2018

where have all the birds gone...?

Bugger all on patch

And still no sign of a migrating snowy owl.

(not so) happy days


Monday, 19 March 2018

Been a bit mute of late

Boghall has seen a lot of snow in recent weeks. However, this has failed to translate into many birds except 2 woodcock a couple of weeks back. Subsequent birding trips have found mallards trying to break the ice to find somewhere to breed. And the second ever record of mute swan for the patch. These were fly overs, rather than flying over from a distance. A few stock doves brings us to 77%. Now looking forward to the first chiffchaffs in 7 days time.

Still no sign of the golden mallard on the patch though. Come on, stop being anasaly retentive.

Monday, 5 March 2018

bit of movement through the crease

High excitement here as we've had large volumes of snow over the last few days. This together with large volumes of winter thrushes and waders everywhere, desperately feeding on every scrap of open ground.

View from the magic patio
Over the course of the snow-filled 5 days, I managed to score fieldfare (just a few...), bar-tailed godwit, redpoll, wigeon, merlin, and best of all a fantastic jack snipe, which was only my 2nd ever on patch after one in April 2005 or something. All good!

Snowy scenes at Shite Lane

"Shite lane hill remains impassable..."

Monday, 19 February 2018

Hard weather movements of wildfowl

Despite the cold weather for much of this year there has been no evidence of wildfowl movements from Donmouth to Boghall. Perhaps there will be a reverse spring migration....

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

And the winner is....

Yes indeedy, I did a quick canvas of the most active competitors in last years arena, and everyone concluded that we didn't need a vote and that the flyaway winner (see what I did there?) was Bushveld with his majestic PACIFIC SWIFT, way back in July.

This was probably even good enuff to win Patch Find of the Decade, but we wouldn't want him to get carried away.

Well Done Bushveld!

Booooooooom!!! (Photo by Reg)

Monday, 29 January 2018


All of which leaves me bottom. Of those that have bothered to post a score anyway. At least I have made that effort! Where are the rest of youse?

Dear Roy

Dear Roy

I am a record breaker and the stats back me up. This January I have seen 72 species (count ‘em!) in Wanstead, which is the highest I have ever managed in over ten years of trying. 72! This includes one full fat tick in the shape of a Great White Egret in early January which I was so desperate for that I twitched it from the broadcasting studio in an Uber. I’ve since refound it twice on the patch. Natch. Anyway, if you could see your way to coming round and #verifying the record that would be super.

Dedication’s what you need!


PS That's 65.06% in real money.